“Jessica is a very talented intuitive! I came to Jessica seeking clarity. I am very intuitive person myself and I mostly don’t feel the need to seek this kind of advice from others. However every now and then I need clarity and Jessica hit the nail on the head with every single detail. I walked away from the session feeling like I just had a fantastic vibrational boost. My vibration just soared as I connected with my guides through Jessica and got clarity on a number of subjects that I was feeling concerned about. I know where to go if I ever need a boost like that again. Money very very very well spent! ” – Jenny Gordon, Ireland

“I cannot begin to explain to you what a difference having a session with Jessica has made for me! I first came to Jessica when I felt stuck with my career, unsure of the steps I should take to achieve what I dream of. During the session, she impressed me with her keen ability to pick up on the specific areas I needed to work on and her no-bullshit, yet kind way of telling me exactly what my guides needed me to know. By the end of the session, I felt as if I had received clear guidance that I could immediately use. And since that first session, I am beginning a new chapter in my life that I wouldn’t have even thought possible just six months ago – her insight gave me the courage, confidence, and clarity I needed to move forward. If you’re thinking about booking a session, go do it now!” – Matt C., Los Angeles

“As a college student, I’m surrounded by more possibilities than I know how to handle. It often feels as if I lack the wisdom or the clarity to know how to choose between the variety of options. Jessica can take a look at my life and read it like a novel, affirming everything that’s happening in the current chapter (with amazing accuracy and detail) while even providing the first few sentences of the next chapter. She lifts the fog and shows me where I’m headed. You always hear the advice to “listen to your heart”… that is easier said than done for most people, including myself, but when I speak with Jessica it feels like she IS that elusive voice. I find myself nodding along to her words because, deep down, I know them to be true. After a reading, expect a newfound sense of clarity, a greater sense of trust in your own intuition, and the information you need to move forward with confidence.” –  Dawson R., Texas

“Thank you so much, Jessica. I want you to know that I entered into our conversations a skeptic–and, at some level–I still struggle with the whole language of spirit guides and such. But, I have told many friends and family members that it is because of our conversations that my blog even exists and that I am able to allow myself to dream big and boldly! On some level, I don’t really care or need to know “how it works.” I know that our conversations have tapped into the dreamer I have always been deep down–I was just too scared and afraid to embrace it. Thank you for sharing your gift!” – Amanda M., Texas

“Pleasantly surprised! That’s how I would describe my reading with Jessica. Immediately I picked up on her loving and cheerful personality as she relayed messages from my guides. Not only was Jessica spot on with my chakra reading she was also able to confirm many synchronicities I was experiencing in my life. It was confirmation that I am on the right path. Jessica is a wonderfully talented intuitive, with a motivating energy that you can’t help but emulate. Rest assured Jessica comes with my highest recommendation! I promise you won’t be disappointed.” – Roxanne Gilmore, Tampa

“Every time I’ve had a session with Jessica, I’ve walked away feeling empowered, enlightened and relaxed. She is extremely warm, caring and intuitive when relaying messages from my guides, and I feel like I’ve known her for years. From the minute I first spoke with Jessica, her sense of humor immediately disarmed me and I knew she is someone I can trust. She is the first person I think of when I need some counseling either professionally or personally. Jessica is simply the best!” – Laura W., Los Angeles

“Jessica Jessica Jessica where do I start. First off she has made me a believer. I have never had a reading of any kind before Jessica. I was blown away by our conversation and results. Jessica is kind, caring and amazing at what she does. When I explain to my friends and family about my readings with Jessica they still look at me like HUH? It’s so hard to explain to someone unless they’ve had the honor to experience a call with her. She has made me think differently about my current situations and what the future holds for me. I hope everyone has the chance to experience a conversation with Jessica.” – K. Jones, Los Angeles

“My session with Jessica was an amazing and fulfilling experience. She was able to successfully deliver the message that my spirit guides have been trying to communicate to me. I learned that I am equipped with special gifts that already make me a very influential person to others. Plus, my chakra reading was incredibly accurate. I feel like a brand new person, and I no longer need to waste any time aimlessly trying to discover my path. Now, I know what my life purpose is, and I am able to hone in on it and get straight to work. My spirit guides gave me incredible advice, and they have been busy guiding me towards amazing life experiences. Jessica is great at what she does. The warmth in her voice makes you feel like you’ve known her for years! I highly recommend her, and I cannot wait to schedule more sessions with her.” – Grace O., Texas

“I am so appreciative of Jessica’s acute intuitive insights. I contacted her because of the relocation and study choices I had to make. Everything Jessica said was spot on right from the beginning. She began the session by sharing the most important information I needed to know at the moment after going through just the initial metaphor and then she suggested some actions I could take which may make my soul feel more much fulfilled. Jessica’s reading gave me clarity on the path I’m now about to take. I felt so uplifted and loved after the reading. Thank you Jessica!” – Alice Lin, Taiwan

“Jessica was so warm and inviting from the first minute on the call. I was able to fully relax and embrace the messages she was receiving from spirit. My spirit guides even made her laugh during the session and that made the reading even more special. After the call I actually ran into a situation that she had told me about and acted on it without hesitation because it seemed so right and what I had just been told by my spirit guides. I definitely will be calling her again to gain insight and clarity on circumstances in my life. Thank you Jessica!!” – Traci G., Colorado

“I contacted Jessica when I was at a crossroads in my career. Her insight gave me the clarity I needed and she even placed me on hold at one point so that she could go deeper! She was incredibly accurate with everything she said and I would recommend her intuitive guidance to anyone. Two thumbs up!” – Christine P., Los Angeles

“My reading with Jessica was easy (no hassles or delays) as well as eye-opening. Her approach was very friendly and assuring.  She was considerate of my feelings, and it was quite obvious to me that she was connected with spirit and through their guidance and her gift she was able to get to the real root of an issue that plagued me for years.  I had become convinced that my distress stemmed from one source, but through Jessica’s respectful persistence and intuitive connection she was able to help me rediscover a childhood incident that really was the essence of a lot of my emotional discomfort as an adult. She also offered helpful tips letting me know what steps to take to improve my current situation. I would definitely schedule another reading with Jessica. She was accurate, positive and is truly an anointed reader.” – G. McGraw, Pennsylvania

“Your reading made me feel so powerful and so much more in line with my path…” – Melisha Landreth, New Jersey

“The time I spent talking with Jessica was time well spent. We had a half hour on the phone together, but it felt like more. Jessica was prepared, organized, and spoke clearly and with confidence. She provided examples of imagery for me, which supported the information that she was relaying from my guides. What I loved most was her presence during my reading. Having a phone conference obviously doesn’t provide an opportunity for eye contact or any other physical cues, but I felt as though Jessica was sitting next to me sharing my reading. I highly recommend Jessica, and I look forward to speaking with her again.” – Angie Dorton, Texas

“I really enjoyed my reading with you. Your conversational style is very accessible and down to earth. The information passed along really resonates with me. It was spot on. My wife read over my notes and she thought so also. Then I told her that you told me everything without asking any questions of me…” – Charlie Scheidecker, Michigan

“Many thanks for this great insight, exactly what I needed right now!” – Patrik K., Sweden

“As a graduate student wrapping up her last year in an MFA program, I’m already facing questions regarding my future. Jessica was compassionate, sincere, with on-the-spot accurate information that couldn’t have come from me. I realize now that a simple reading can transform itself into literally pages upon pages of information to act upon NOW! My whole world shifted, and was presented in the most positive, if urgent, way possible. If you have questions, concerns, or seek guidance in your life then Jessica is definitely the person to speak with!” – Julie H., California

“I just wanted to thank you once again for the reading last night. I cannot even begin to tell you how much better I feel, and how much faith you gave me.” – Pauline H., Maryland

“When I contacted Jessica, I had all these questions about my career and trying to figure out how to cultivate abundance. My guides DEFINITELY had other plans for me when I was instructed to pursue a path that’s far beyond anything I could’ve imagined. Talking with Jessica was really great, despite my resistance to the insight she gave me – she was easy to talk to, and really honest. She also looked at my chakras – a modality that I LOVE – and gave me some information on that as well. After I got off the phone with her, I a) wanted to tell everyone about her and b) schedule another reading!! I can’t wait for her site to launch officially this Spring so that I can share her awesomeness with everyone.” – Tatiana C., Philadelphia

“I enjoyed the reading VERY much and really feel a sense of “renewal.” You really picked up things about me that are important to me…I feel like I have so much to think about and look forward to piecing the “puzzle” together. I appreciate your time and look forward to our next call.” – April Mclemore, Texas